Things You Need to Know About Commercial Door Reinforcement

Throughout the year, there are quite big losses that are incurred by most businesses and most of them are caused by theft. This is not because the business premises are not properly locked or secured but the locks are usually bypassed by burglars. As a business owner, you should know that experiencing a burglary is not caused by any form of security negligence and hence you can easily be targeted. However, there are a few things that you can reinforce in your business premise to reduce the chances of being targeted by burglars. One of the things you can reinforce to boost the security of your business is the doors. It is also important that you consider reinforcing your commercial doors before you experience any break-ins. You can follow the tips given below on how to reinforce your commercial doors and secure your business.

The first step to reinforcing your commercial door is reinforcing the door frame. It is very crucial to have the strongest frame since it is the part that determines whether the silk plate can be detached or not. To eliminate the chances of the door being broken in forcefully, the frame should be reinforced by adding a layer of steel on it. Also, you can secure the wall studs so that the door is strongly installed.

The second guideline on how to secure a commercial door is the strengthening of the door’s edge. The door’s edge is where the bolts go through to lock into the frame of the door and hence it ought to be strengthened to sustain the frame itself. For you to strengthen a door edge, you should put a door wrap around it so that the surface area is bigger and with that, any force applied is easily distributed.

Thirdly, you ought to secure door hinges when reinforcing a commercial door. The nature in which the door hinges of most commercial doors are usually exposed makes it easier for them to be popped off and the door was broken down. To avoid that, you can reinforce the hinges by installing very secure jamb pins.

Reinforcing strike plates is another key tip when it comes to reinforcing a commercial door. The strike plates can be reinforced by either replacing small screws with longer screws or by using a longer silk plate which will need many screws. Apart from the outlined tips, you can also reinforce your commercial door by installing high-quality door material and many secure locks. By knowing how to reinforce your commercial door from this article, you can now curb burglary and safely run your business.

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